Hyzer Farm Open

This is the second event in the West Sound Challenge.  Come play this great event at Dalaiwood!


Door prizes - including five specially color dyed West Sound Challenge golf discs.

“Bounty” for best score - $50 value or better

“Ace Prize” at no additional entry cost, included in entry and provided by sponsor. 


Date: May 12th

Location: Dalaiwood Disc Golf Course

Ollala, WA

Time:  9:00 am check in time

Format:  One round singles. 

Sign ups or pre-Registration required? No

You can arrive day of event. 

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Hyzer Farm Open 2012 


So what are these ratings numbers? And what do they mean?

It’s a great question.  Ratings in disc golf are in many ways best thought of as a performance rating.  They can be for a single event - or ratings can be combined over time to assess the performance trends of a player.  For example a score of 65 may mean different levels of performance when gained at two different courses, and are thus non-comparable.  However a round rating from each could be fairly compared and contrasted.

Personally, for most they can be used to gauge your progress over time, and are used many times for special events that make adjustments after scores are entered to provide a more even playing field in “handicapped” or “ratings based” events. 

The real short answer is that a higher rating is better than a lower one.   A number of 1005, for example, is very very good, and rarely achieved.  1000 is not an upper limit as there is no set limit on performance levels that are achievable. 

The numbers listed for this event appear consistent for the variety of skillsets one would expect for this fun centered event.

If you are really interested in ratings and their use, the PDGA website (Professional Disc Golf Association) has all the details about how ratings work listed here

**Note:  Ratings gained at WestSound Challenge events are not reported or sanctioned by the PDGA as official player ratings.  They are calculated and offered after our events as a benefit for personal skills evaluation.


Scores and Ratings Results